Kverneland 6500F

Vysokovýkonný lis s pevnou komorou

Valcový lis s pevnou komorou s priemerom balíka 1,25 m

Vysokovýkonný lis s pevnou komorou

Kverneland 6500F je špecializovaný lis pre ťažké silážne podmienky. Lisovacia komora je tvorená 18 rebrovanými profilovými valcami, ktoré zaisťujú maximálnu hustotu balíka a vynikajúcu rotáciu balíka za všetkých podmienok, pričom spotreba energie je tiež udržiavaná na minime pre efektívnejšiu prevádzku.


  • Nový 2,3 m extra široký nízkoprofilový zberač vybavený dvojitými vačkovými dráhami a piatimi tyčami s prstami
  • Nový systém predsekávacích nožov SuperCut 15
  • Parallelogram Drop Floor systém pre rýchlejšie odblokovanie
  • Pevná komora s 18 rebrovanými valcami pre balíky s vysokou hustotou
  • Systém sieťového balenia PowerBind
  • Jednoduché a intuitívne ovládanie pomocou terminálu Focus 3

Technické špecifikácie:

Model  Priemer balíka Zberací systém Viazanie
6500F 1.23 x 1.25m SuperCut 15 Sieť

New 2.3m Extra Wide Pick-up

New 2.3m extra-wide pick-up, designated ‘XL+’ incorporates an extensive series of upgrades: 

  • Equipped with five tine bars with 32 tines per bar
  • Each tine bar is supported by four ball bearings along its length
  • Twin easy access cam tracks located at both ends of the pick-up
  • Large diameter roller crop press for increased intake speeds
  • Innovative inboard driveline design for reduced transport width


New SuperCut 15 Chopping System for optimum Cutting Performance

New SuperCut 15 knife pre-chopping system provides higher efficiency and improved crop flow into the baler. Specially profiled knives have been developed to give a consistent chop length with a low power requirement. With a chop length of 70mm, it is the ideal solution for producing tight, dense bales, which result in improved fermentation, with the further benefit of easier feeding out of bales and less wastage.

Individual Knife Protection

Each knife is individually spring protected against foreign obstacles, giving a higher level of protection than systems that protect only the complete knife bank.

Parallelogram Drop Floor System for faster Unblocking

The SuperCut 15 intake system is equipped with the super effective Parallelogram drop floor system, which brings faster and easier clearing of blockages. The system not only lowers the rear edge of the drop floor as per traditional systems but also lowers the front section of the floor, where a blockage is more likely to occur.

PowerBind Net Wrap

Kverneland 6500F is equipped with the patented front mounted PowerBind net system. PowerBind eliminates troublesome feed rollers and has market leading cycle time.

The net is continuously retained in the PowerBind injection arm. When the bale is 90% complete the arm moves forward ready for the net injection.

When the bale is 100% complete net is fed directly onto the bale in a flat movement angle keeping the net tight at all times, providing accurate and extremely reliable net injection. PowerBind gives you the confidence of doing a professional job, without influence from wind or crop build-up.

Low Net Loading Height

PowerBind offers very low loading height for maximum convenience and time-saving. To replace the empty roll just swing out the shaft and slide on a new roll.

The Full Roller PowerMax Bale Chamber

The Kverneland 6500F is the specialist baler for heavy silage conditions. The PowerMax bale chamber incorporates 18 heavy duty rollers arranged in a perfect circle for maximum bale rotation capability in all conditions. This is the ideal solution for producing well shaped and dense bales.

Perfect Bale Formation

Production of consistent, high density bales in both wet and dry material is assured. Two rollers in the lower section of the main bale chamber spread the load, reducing stress and increasing working lifetime. For ultimate flexibility and ease of operation bale density is hydraulically controlled and continuously monitored electronically. Density level can be precisely tailored from the comfort of the tractor cab according to prevailing crop conditions.

TechnoPack (option)

Techno-Pack has been developed to offer professional farmers and contractors the optimum solution in terms of crop harvesting management. The moisture level of crop entering the bale chamber during the baling process is continuously measured and displayed on the baler terminal. Sensor plates are mounted in the lower part of the bale chamber, from which the system calculates the percentage of moisture inside the bale. The system is able to detect moisture levels up to 50% allowing the driver to decide at any time if crops such as hay or straw are fit to bale - your assurance of always preserving the best possible forage quality.

Focus 3 Control Terminal

Kverneland 6500F is standard equipped with the Focus 3 terminal. All important settings are made from the comfort of the tractor seat, allowing on the move adjustment and a comfortable working environment.

Focus 3 designed for easy operation with the following functions controlled from the terminal:

  • Bale density adjustment
  • Net quantity adjustment
  • Tying information during the binding cycle
  • Selection of manual or automatic binding
  • Five daily bale counters & total bale counter
  • Selection of knives, drop floor or pickup raise/lower function